Golden Calf – Dutch Film Festival

Golden Calf – Dutch Film Festival

During the Dutch Film Festival at 3 October 2003 Maarten de Kroon en Pieter-Rim de Kroon got a Golden Calf in the category ‘the best long film documentary’.

Report of the jury:

With masterly craftsmanship the makers have made a film about something that is not visible. Your eyes are going open after seeing this brilliant documentary. It seems the film teaches you to look again and again.

During the same festival the film also got a nomination for ‘Best Camera’; Director of Photography Paul van den Bos NSC.

Report of the nomination:

The instrument of the painter is the paint; the director of photography paints with light. Paul van den Bos seems to be a great painter. In this film he succeeded to translate the mystery of Dutch Light from the painting onto the screen. Through his play with light the landscape and portraits have a deeply touching effect