Dutch Light gives us time to contemplate what we see. We’ve grown accustomed to shifting our attention from one thing to the next, never pausing to examine things properly. No sooner is the television on than we anticipate what we might see on other channels. We’ve lost our feeling for subtlety and rarely have an opportunity to discover things for ourselves. Dutch Light gives us time to engage and to respond.

The leisurely-paced images give us time to absorb what we see, while innovative framing and editing and unusual perspectives heighten their visual impact and allow us to immerse ourselves in the landscapes and light. Motion control makes it possible to record gradual, barely perceptible changes of light in a landscape or interior. The resulting images intensify the experience of looking and make us more conscious of what we are looking at. A slow sequence can last for up to 30 seconds, while a 360 degree pan can take a full two minutes. That’s when people really start observing.